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Cardinal Junk Removal is a subsidiary of Sparrow Waterhouse Inc. Both are owned and operated by Nedalee Thomas who is passionate about helping people. She loves that all of her businesses help both her customers, their families, and her employees. 

Nedalee also loves helping people by teaching about health, business and relationships on her weekly podcast, The Princess Power Hour which can be found on itunes and

Nedalee has many oddities in her life such as she parented 17 foster children and adopted 2 of them. Another oddity, other than being a female in the junk business, is that she has always loved rocks and junk. At age 8, she began collecting both. She's never been above pulling some great treasure out of the curb side trash and turning it into something fabulous. So she hopes we can serve you and that you will choose Cardinal Junk Removal to remove, recycle or donate your junk today.

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